To work with public agencies, private landowners, non-profit organizations, and community groups on riparian restoration. Projects would involve developing and implementing plans to manage land and resources in ways that maintain or improve habitat quality, while meeting the economic objectives of individuals, organizations, and communties involved.


Riparian habitat restoration for maintenance of fish stocks, water quality, soil conservation, recreational opportunities, amenity, or whatever else may motivate interested parties. Of particular interest are agroforestry, soil bioengineering, and biotechnical slope stabilization as means of achieving these goals.

Agroforestry practices can yield both economic and non-monetary returns while reducing negative impacts on sites that they are used. Direct seeding, or planting nursery stock may be an appropriate way of meeting one's objectives in many cases, however often they are not. Soil Bioengineering techniques that incorporate large live woody cuttings can provide numerous alternatives for establishing vegetation on sites where projects might not otherwise be practical.

_ Riparian Habitat Restoration